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In Memory of the late Bob Young

Bob Young 

SCN Photo Gallery



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The old SCN remote van taken around 

Sept / Oct 1971

Two unidentified members of SCN taken around Sept '71. Possibly Albie Beutler. (in the yellow shirt)
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The Lady in the striped shirt is Mrs. Arosemina (Mrs. A)  

 the long-time secretary at SCN.


Pool Party July 1984.  

The guy at the left (green shirt) is Jim Kuhrt.

Pool party in July 1984. 

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  Marshal Michaels.

Pool Party July 1984.

Jerry Elliot on the left.  Ron Goldberg on the right.

Pool Party July 1984

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Bob Young on left partially cropped. 

Jim Schofield (Chief Engineer) in the center.

Pool Party July 84

Jerry Elliot

Pool party July 1984 


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