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Randy Bretz Collection



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bretz at apollo press conference 2.jpg (247119 bytes)     

Randy Bretz at Apollo Conference

The Apollo XII crew traveled to Panama in early 1970 to share their experience as the crew of the second manned landing on the moon. Shown in the photo (L to R) are Alan Bean, Lunar Module Pilot; Charles Conrad, Mission Commander; Richard Gordon, Command Module Pilot; Robert Sayre, US Ambassador to Panama, and in the foreground, Randall Bretz, Reporter from Armed Forces Radio and Television in the Panama Canal Zone. Apollo XII landed on the moon November 19, 1969 and returned to earth on November 24. In addition to exploring an area of the moon's surface, they returned with rock samples, and a piece of the unmanned lunar lander, Surveyor.

bretz meets hopper.jpg (166888 bytes) Shown in this photo from late 1969 or early 1970 are (L to R) Harry Bowen (photographer and cinematographer), Julio Briceno (Spanish editor at SCN news), Dennis Hopper (visiting celebrity) and Randall Bretz.

bretz in newsroom 2.jpg (200299 bytes) Shown here (L to R) in this early 1970 photo, discussing a news story are Bob Kenward, Del DeMontreux, SFC O'Neil, and Randall Bretz.

2bretz_directing.jpg (31352 bytes)

Randy Bretz Directing

2jan_and_happy.jpg (92618 bytes) Jan Bretz and Happy Hoyer on the afternoon show set.  Jan (Randy's wife) appeared as a guest every now and then to tell and read stories to the children who were guests.  Jan & Randy were at SCN in 1969 and 70. 

1Karl's car.JPG (38941 bytes) Karl Johnson, Air Force, 68-69, ran camera at SCN.  He decided to drive home so he bought this old Mercury with the back cut out.  He fixed the car up.  He hand painted it in preparation for his drive back to the States after he ended his time in the service in Panama.  The Base Commander was so upset about the car that he said Karl could not drive it on base.  So, with dozens of masking tape rolls in hand, Karl taped over the entire car.  Then, a day before he left to drive north, he took the tape off and drove it around the base again.  Created quite a bit of controversy! 

Dave Cohen's famous "FACE."   Dave served in 68-69 and was well known for his "face" and playing Yatzee



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