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Canal Zone


All Photos Courtesy Chuck Hawsey   Circa 1975

Many thanks to Lesley who provided most of the captions & photo ID's 

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#1 Balboa Commissary bldgs. Housewares left, men's store (right). Looking toward pier 18.

#2 Steven's Circle #3 VFW Club on Curundu Road.
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#4  Chase Manhattan Bank (Barneby St. & Balboa Road) #5  Balboa, looking toward La Boca. Stairs go up to St.
Mary's Church, the courthouse/police station is behind yellow car which is parked in one of the PD lots. The next white
building is the Elks Club. 
#6  Balboa Post Office
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#7 El Prado - Balboa #8 La Boca Road, looking towards La Boca -- gas station on end to the left.
Gulf sign is part of the tank farm.
#9 View of BHS Stadium
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#10  Balboa Clubhouse, theater & commissary. Stevens Circle where van is. #11 Balboa Clubhouse. #12 Taken from YMCA -- looking back towards Balboa. Union Church is white bldg on left
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#13 Ft Clayton near SCN #14  Williamson Place (Chuck Hawsey's home in  1952) #15 Williamson Place (later torn down & integrated with LaBoca)
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#16 View of Balboa from Ancon hill #17 Sosa Hill, La Boca, Ancon Hill  #18 View of Balboa & LaBoca from Ancon hill
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#19 Balboa from Ancon Hill #21 Pier 18 and Administration Bldg from Ancon Hill
#20 Union Church



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