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Anne Morris Gallery


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SSG Avid Garcia SGT Dave Gearhart - Supply Photo is likely from 1986.

PVT Gary Matthews - Master Control at a softball game circa 86 or 87.

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SPC Willie Hearns &

 SSG Avid Garcia on right.

SPC Barbara Abele and SGT James Turner -- much of SCN's fearless admin team

Lt Col Gaylord and SCN SGM MSG Dave "Lips" Malone
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SPC Tamara & Hayden Parker with their daughter. Army Tamara in the middle went on to earn her commission and serve as a broadcast officer at AFN. 

AF Capt Dennis "Mark" Davidson--incoming SCN Deputy commander in June 89.

Mr Ron Goldberg pitching. He was Reuben Webster's predecessor as programming chief.

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SSgt Mario Troncoso from engineering and Mr Ed Figeroa, RCA satellite dish contractor.

  SSG Javier Otero (broadcaster) and SGT Luis Cruz (admin).
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J01 Don Pace Navy petty officer journalist at SCN circa 86 or 87 SSG Dave McNally

Army SGT Sam Carter -- His wonderful jodies were the key to making it up some of Fort Clayton's less forgiving hills on morning PT runs.

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A1C AF Patrick Pelton SGT Marvin Yates - News Karl Hagen, civilian from engineering
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MSG Dave "Lips" Malone, SPC Barbara Abele, Capt Anne Morris, and SGT James Turner - on 12 June 89 as I was about to board "the Freedom Bird" from Howard AFB to Charleston.

SCN's Transisthmian Relay Race Team after finishing the Coco Solo to Ft Amador run. Front row, left to right: SPC Curt Phillips, SSG Bob Covel, SFC Jerry Bryza, SPC Carmen Nicely, Capt Anne Morris. Back row, left to right: SPC William Battise, SPC Marshall Thompson, LTC Bob Gaylord, SPC Thomas Riddle, SSG Josh Hart, SSG Darryl Dalley, SSgt Greg Holmes.


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