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Bob's Bizerko Lounge



The "Fright Night" was a production of the grain alcohol crowd in the early 70's.  The show was called "Bob's Bizerko Lounge."  Ran Saturday night, very late.  Imagine the condition the players were all in!  Came from a comic skit in the record library that Paul Warhanick used to play on the a.m. show. 

Woody Holbrook was the developer, writer (developed many of the skits from the record) and played the Macumba chief who scared everyone.  Hank Bartley was the bartender who sang Irish songs, ala Jackie Gleason.  Bob Kenward played the drunk at the bar who never really understood anything (a part he was really unaccustomed to playing) ala Foster Brooks or Frank Fontaine who used to do the drunk bit on TV shows . It was a great valve for letting off steam, especially at the pomposity of the military leaders.  Nobody escaped .... Ramon McG called Woody in one Monday morning and said to cool it .... not to stop it but just cool it.  The Program Director, Gerry Fry was dinged with the Panamanian shirts, throat clearing and memos ... SCN Commander Paul Holter with the pipe and "tight, tight" 


Characters included Fat Jack and Emma Caulfield. Even Ramon himself was dinged for losing his temper .... SGM Ed Waddell for being  " overly liberal"  and anyone else who had cross their paths during the week.  The show was live .... so just think of the mistakes or mis-statements that could have been made.  It was a great "in crowd" put-on while it lasted .... how they  got away with it is still a mystery.


Woody's show was supposed to end on a certain date but one of the TV directors ran the tape for the closing of the last show (which showed these two giant hands -- Woody's -- lifting up the haunted house and fading away like an old soldier) several days early.  This actually wound up prolonging the life of the show since the long-term schedule was now off... This of course, gave Woody many more opportunities to ad lib his lines... a pair of jump boots found at the Venado Beach Drop Zone, several more references to Bob's Bizerko Lounge, etc



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