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Community Scene


  SCN News Program starring Barry Garman 

with the famous "Have a nice Weekend" Closing theme.


SCN Nightly News Program produced in the 1980's, hosted by anchor Barry Garman. Features included local news stories, Restaurant spotlight, "Have a nice Weekend" closing credits. Stories included features on various military units... such as the 21st anniversary of SCN Newspaper; stories about Pan Canal Pilot training, Features about places like Summit Gardens. Military exercises like medical emergency response roll-playing; etc.

We also have several videos of Community Scene uploaded in our video menus. Photos to be added soon.

Video Menu

Credits of Cast & Crew:

Anchor, Producer, Managing Editor: Barry Garman 

Executive Producer: Roger Stolt

Director: Karl S Hagen

Technical Director: Avid Garcia

Audio: Willie Hearn

Cameras: Marvin Yates

Master Control: John Smith

Video Tapes: Angel Buendia & Brian Scheer 

NCOIC Engineering: Richard Jenkins

Operations Engineer: Jose Santana

Studio Engineer: Ernest Tupper

Ancon Hill Facilities: Steve Holden

Remote Van Crew:  

Ken James

Teresa O'Brien

Ronald Goldberg

Larry Sawell

Julie McNair

Chip Kilgore

Don Pace

Patrick Pelton

Entire SCN Staff in 1986:

LTC Michael G Honey

DGM Jimmie Jefferies

Ronald L Goldberg

John C Knowles

Mateo E Simons

MSG Roger Stolt

SFC Robert L Moeller

SFC Ulice Graham

MSgt Larry Sawell

J01 Don Pace

J02 Barry L Garman

SSG Jose E Santana

SSG Ernest W Tupper

SSGT Brian J Scheer

SSG Peter J Burt

SSG George O Lewallen III

SSG Joan J Mathis

Hermelinda H Paniagua

Nuria E Arosemena

Pamela Fischbach

Valerie Homa

SGT Samuel Howe

SGT Jaime Rodriguez

SSGT David T Miller

SGT Avid Garcia

SGT Enrique Monte

Gladys E Stoker

SSGT Robert K Smith

SGT Teresa A O'Brien

SSGT Karen M Price

SGT James Young

SGT Darryl Dalley

SGT Larry Jones

SGT David McNally

Sp4 Ruben Garcia

Sp4 John H Smith

SGT Christina Rudman

Sp4 David J LaCroix

Sp4 Kenneth E James

SGT David C Gearhart

Sp4 Francine R Williams

Sp4 Jaime L Powell

Sp4 James Kresge

Sp4 Jeff Smedley

SrA Teresa Hutsenpillar

A1C Randy Lawson

Sp4 Paul Young

Robert Rogers

Karl S Hagen

Amn Patrick Pelton

PFC Derrick Murray

SST Melvyn DeRixey

Julia McNair

Derek Wright

Kim R Nickerson

Jerome Lyons

Rick E Sanchez

Karen I Mattaden

John Hutt III

Eric De Sedas

Chip Kilgore

Rogelio Deycaza




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