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Cosmo The Crew Chief

SCN Children's Afternoon show

1964 - 1966



  • Ben Shapiro as Cosmo,   

  • Ron Landy as Rupert the Robot

  • Dick Snow as Christopher the Puppet



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Rupert the Robot was designed by Art Director Joe Fields and 

assembled by Joe and Guntis Kupers & fitted on Ron Landy to wear on the show.

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TV View of Rupert Cosmo & Christopher the puppet

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A wider view of the same image above showing Dick Snow behind the scene, off camera, 

operating Christopher the puppet.

1ron.ben.snow.jpg (47341 bytes) mumtv2.jpg (64206 bytes)

Same image above zoomed out full to show more of the surrounding set area

Cosmo The Crew Chief (AKA: Ben Shapiro)

 Kathy Holcomb, lamb & toddler

1cosmo group rep ascn20.jpg (98617 bytes)

Jimmy Fulmer, Bill Webb, Cosmo (Ben Shapiro), Dick Snow with Christopher the puppet, Ed Webb, Bob McArthur



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