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Kathleen (O'Connor) Holcomb



Kathleen and her husband Clint Holcomb lived in the Canal Zone on the Pacific side for close to 20 years. In 1955, she had a son named Vince who was raised in the Canal Zone until her husband died in the summer of 1971. Kathleen worked for the ASPCA, appearing on the SCN Afternoon Show with pets for adoption for 15 years. Kathy loved to invite friends over for dinner. Many times the SCN staff were eager to be invited for the wonderful meals she prepared. Her generosity and kindness were well known among the Canal Zone community where she was admired by many. Following her husbands funeral, Kathy returned to the US with her son, Vince. She has since passed on, but her son adopted her maiden name in honor of his mother.



Kathy Holcomb

"Nicky the Crew Chief"

(AKA: Charlie Pickard)

Kathy Holcomb

"Cosmo the crew chief"

(AKA: Ben Shapiro)

Lamb & toddler

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Black Bart, Kathy Holcomb, Skipper Andy (Rear), 1st mate Happy Hoyer (right front)


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