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My Name is Panama



An SCN program hosted & Produced by Teresa Hutsenpillar showing the scenic attractions in Panama and pointers on travel and recreational activities available. It was basically a video travelogue of Scenic Panama recommended for tourism. This production was created more than 10 years before travel shows and channels were developed in the US.
We have video's from the mid 1980's of this program which are currently being added to the 1980's video section of our website. Photos will also be added in the future.

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Credits of the Cast & Crew:

Hosted & Produced by: Teresa Hutsenpillar

Executive Producer: Ron Goldberg

Director: Dave McNally

Audio: Avid Garcia

Floor Manager: Airman Patrick Pelton

Cameras: Karl Hagen

Video Tapes: Ruben Garcia

Consultant: Ken James

Engineers: Ernest Tupper & Karen Price

Stories by: 

Teresa Hutsenpillar

Melvyn DeRixey

Enrique Monte

Steve Ranson

Dave LaCroix

Don Skinner

Ron Goldberg



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