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Nicky the Crew Chief



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Official Publicity photo Of Nicky the Crew Chief (Charlie Pickard) and Christopher the kitten to provide autographed photo to viewers who wrote in Artwork, miniature desk and miniature globe for Christopher designed and created by Carlos Pineda

Kathy Holcomb and Charlie Pickard

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Nicky - Charlie Pickard

Capt Adventure - Don Sullivan

Nicky - Charlie Pickard

Capt Adventure - Don Sullivan

Nicky (Charlie Pickard)
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Nicky (Charlie Pickard) Nicky (Charlie Pickard) Capt Adventure- Don Sullivan
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Christopher the kitten

Bill Heitmann

Grinlatz Rock Quartet

Columbus the Pup (donated by viewer)

Christopher the Kitten


Newer set with stage and painted window created by Carlos Pineda

Rebus game on left

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Nicky The Crew Chief Setting up for the Nicky show

Kathy Holcomb arranging trophies to be awarded at Horse Show

Nicky (center), Rudy (Rudesheim) with horse

Photo taken from 2nd floor where TK-14 camera panned in for the video



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