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Ike Selig's Pop Shop
A CFN Production


1957 - 1959



Ike Selig's Pop Shop was a popular TV Dance show on CFN featuring local Canal Zone teens dancing to popular music of the times. There were a variety of featured activities for the teens to participate.


Ike Selig remembers Pop Shop fondly:


I believe it aired between 3 and 4 every afternoon.  I instigated a "DANCE PARTY" every Friday.  televised.  The kids would send in postcards, a string was attached to the postcards and they were hung over a bulletin board on an easel, During the show someone was selected to pull a string.  The winner would be DJ FOR A DAY one day during the week.  They would take calls, pull records and announce requests.  There was that occasional trip up where one of the kids answers the phone with  "THIS IS THE DEVIL, WHO IN HELL DO YOU WANT TO TALK TO?"  and as fate would have it, it was some high ranking officer.   The kids says.   DO YOU KNOW WHO THIS IS.  and when the officers says NO.  the kid hangs up.   thankfully nothing ever came of it.  

"CFN/SCN" was " for the education and information to troops stationed in the Panama Canal Zone.  Teens can be shy, so during the POP SHOP DANCE PARTY,  when the music started the kids didn't always come out onto the dance floor, and since this was TV not radio, the viewers needed to see more than an empty dance floor with the kids just standing around, so it would not be uncommon for me to take the hand of one of the girls, escort her out to the dance floor and start dancing, shortly the rest of the kids would join us and I would then return the young lady to one of the boys still standing on the sidelines.  WELL  one day the Captain,  Captain Bruce Parrish at the time came to me and told me that he had a complaint from someone who called and told him that they didn't want their daughter dancing with some GI . Must have been a Pan Canal person, certainly that type of complaint would not come from a military person.  Well, it annoyed me, so the following week, my wife, Sarita came up to the studio for the dance party and brought our 4 month old daughter with her.  The first song that was played I went over to Sarita, took our daughter from her, the camera following the whole time and announced to the Canal Zone that this was one father who did mind his daughter dancing with a GI.  no repercussions. 

One day I threw out some teen boy for using foul language, turns out his father was a colonel or a general and he shows up the next day.  The captain brings him over to me and he asks me if I threw his son out of the studio.  I told him YES, he was using inappropriate language while the MIC was open and since I was responsible for what was going out on the air I did not want him in the studio.  The Captain was on edge but then the Officer said.  Well, keep up the good work and I will have a long talk with my son.  To which I told him that if his son's language improved I would have no objections to him coming back to the show.

I recall when I left, the last TV program, all the kids threw me a surprise going away party replete with a homemade chocolate cake and topped with a "gold"  (painted) 45 RPM record with a title printed on it   "GOODBYE TO IKE SELIG'S POPSHOP"

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