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"Uncle Bob"

In memory of the late Denis Fink 

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SCN Afternoon Children's show

1970 - 1972



Uncle Bob show Overview


Denis as Cinderella Video
(Please help us with the names of the characters)

Cast & Crew: 

Uncle Bob: Denis Fink (aka: Denny Daily)

Sheriff Tom: Tom Colvin

Black Bart: Bill Moss (#1)

Mr Mouse: Steve Dick

Talking Lamp (don't remember the Lamp's name): Bill Craig

unknown character: Chuck McCann

unknown character: Bob Rupp

Camera #1: Paul Holter Jr

Camera #2: Midge England


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Uncle Bob at Diablo Heights elementary school CZ

Uncle Bob at a Diablo Heights elementary school CZ

Courtesy Linda Fink


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Black Bart & Uncle Bob

Courtesy Linda Fink

Uncle Bob & Paul Hyatt

Courtesy Linda Fink

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Foam Fight with Uncle Bob (Denis Fink), Chuck McCann & Bob Rupp

(If you remember the names of the other 2 characters, please let us know)

EM 00 Ubob FAvalon.jpg (66693 bytes)  

Frankie Avalon & Uncle Bob


Frankie later hosted a masquerade party on Ft Clayton that same evening which this website owner attended)

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Uncle Bob May 1971
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SCNstaff3.jpg (27567 bytes) EM 00 UB show character1.jpg (52504 bytes)
Steve Dick was Mr Mouse  Bill Craig
EM Lonnie Johnson.jpg (31866 bytes)       

Lonnie Johnson


BHS 70

Played guitar on

 "The Uncle Bob Afternoon show."


Was also seen playing a lead role as one of he Matthews twins on "Another World" a popular network soap opera.

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Uncle Bob's visit to Diablo Heights Elementary School Portrait of Denis Fink in SCN schedule


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  Uncle Bob Show Overview

"Uncle Bob," played by Denis Fink, was the Star of the SCN Afternoon children's program from 1970 - 1972, on the air live with a small studio audience of "Birthday" kids and their guests. "Uncle Bob" played by Denis Fink followed on the footsteps of Sheriff Tom and quickly rose to popularity as the new sheriff . Uncle Bob was greatly admired by his peers. He devoted himself to his viewers by his ever energetic hard work and true love of the business. He was a genuinely talented, truly imaginative entertainer, loved by the hundreds of children he brought laughter to, throughout his life. In 1969 to 1971, the Afternoon show was "Uncle Bob." Everything was unrehearsed and unexpected, including the variety of equally strange characters he would weave into the storyline. "Black Bart" was one such character. He was an engineer that used to get dressed in black cowboy clothes and terrorize the town...he was "Uncle Bob's" nemesis.

"Uncle Bob" would pull all kinds of crazy antics, including chasing the TV camera crew to the sound of "Monster Mash!" Unless you have experienced stage fright, you can't imagine the horror of having a wild-eyed "Uncle Bob" climbing over the top of the TV Camera during a live show, with all other cameras pointed in your direction, while tethered to the camera by a non-removable headset!

Not only were the children who grew up in the Canal Zone touched by his hilariously funny antics, but behind the scenes, it was almost impossible for the camera and control room crew to keep from bursting out laughing. The other members of the SCN lineup and crew would gather in the studio to watch Denis in action as Uncle Bob. Rarely did an episode go by that the crew was not rolling in the aisles laughing at his unexpected spontaneity.

His entertainment of children as Uncle Bob was a labor of love which Denis enjoyed his entire adult life and carried back to the US stations in the Lansing Michigan area where he continued his role. Sadly, some short-sighted station decided that his Uncle Bob character was demeaning to senior citizens and canceled his show. Denis was heartbroken over the loss of his Uncle Bob character which had brought so much joy in the lives of children across the Canal Zone and Michigan.

We are all saddened to learn of his premature death. More of his story can be found under 70's Bios and "In Memory" sections of this website. More photos can also be found under the 70's sections where Denis was a popular Radio DJ often heard on SCN's "East of Midnight" under the name of "Denny Daily" or "Denis Daily" as well as talented TV entertainer.

Does anyone remember "Gumby," "Crusader Rabbit" or "Hercules" cartoons? They were awful, but no one cared because Uncle Bob was so hilarious that he had the entire canal Zone... adults and children rolling in the aisles as they all stopped what they were doing every afternoon to watch what crazy antics Denis would pull next. He was utterly unpredictable, spontaneous and you could always count on him to do something no one had ever seen before. Everyone loved him.

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