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Dance Party
An SCN Production

   1964 to 1968


A popular SCN TV Dance show which aired on Friday afternoons, featuring local CZ teens dancing in the studio to popular music of the time. Similar to American Bandstand. A similar show, Ike Selig's Pop Shop in 1957-1959, preceded Dance Party. It is unknown if Pop Shop continued after 1960. 

Dance Party was created in 1964 due to popular demand. However, since there was a long running popular music radio show already on SCN by the name of Pop Shop, the TV production was named "Dance Party"


Lee Bayley Steve Stalker Dave Overton Ben Shapiro Rob Skinner Stephen Glassman Carlos Pineda
Host Co-Host Host Host Host Director Set Design
1964 1964-1965 1964-1965 1965-1966 1966-1967 1964-1966 1964-1966


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Dance Party was a Bandstand  type of dance show production on CFN which aired on Friday Afternoons; featuring the local canal zone teens who came to dance to the latest songs. It was developed from the former Pop Shop Dance program which had begun in the 1950's around 1957 (See Ike Selig's Pop Shop). However, there was a radio version of Pop Shop in the afternoons, so when they brought back the Dance show, they changed the name and created Dance Party in 1964 so there would be no confusion between the TV and radio Pop shop program.


Dance Party was first hosted by Lee Bayley with co-host Steve Stalker in 1964. 

Dave Overton inherited Dance Party from Lee Bayley & continued to co-host with Steve Stalker. 

Ben Shapiro became the new Dance Party host with co-host Steve Glassman when Dave Overton left. Glassman later became the Director for Dance Party.

Rob Skinner became the host of dance party in 1966 until he departed at the end of 1967. 

The Dance Party sets were built by Carlos Pineda

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Dance Party Set








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