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Scott Richards Photo Gallery 



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1(Nardini-Richards-McGowan).JPG (41996 bytes)

10(McGowanLeaving).JPG (56504 bytes)

2(TVAudioControl).JPG (93846 bytes)

John Nardini, Scott Richards, Lee McGowan Lee McGowan Leaving TV Audio Control
3(Nardini&RichardsStereos).JPG (64525 bytes) 4(RichardsKitchen).jpg (63047 bytes) 5(Barracks-3rdFloor1973).jpg (72882 bytes)
Nardini & Richards Stereo Richards Kitchen 3rd Floor 1973
6(BassetHound).JPG (64421 bytes) 7Nardiniwine.jpg (29170 bytes) 8(McGowan-Dog).JPG (56769 bytes)
Basset Hound John Nardini with Wine Lee McGowan's radio program going to the dogs
9(McGowanCrooning).JPG (61624 bytes)
Lee McGowan Crooning



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