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Letter from Elizabeth Adames



It was a great experience working at Southern Command Network (SCN). I worked as a Budget Assistant from August 1989 to August 1994. Every day at SCN was an adventure. Between watching the soldiers doing their physical training, monitoring the signal while watching Star Trek with the engineers, and learning from Millie everything I needed to know about budget as well as the latest in fashion, I kept myself pretty busy most of the time.


My life took a complete change during those years. I made a few major decisions that could not have succeeded without the loving support of everyone at SCN. I then left SCN in 1994 due to a promotion with the Air Force. Later I moved to the former Panama Canal Commission, now called Panama Canal Authority where I am presently working as the Administrative Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer.. I love my new job and all the opportunities that have come along with it in the new millennium, but I miss my SCN family.


Every time I go by Gaillard Highway and glance at the SCN building I can envision us gathered at the bohio having a pot-luck , the soldiers in formation, the commander's flag waving outside, the guys running , and the smell of the barbecue smoke just getting ready to start the party.


At my present office I have a window with an exquisite view of the Canal. After a rain I can almost touch the rainbow with my fingers, and its when I close my eyes and wish I had the opportunity to see each and everyone of you again sometime in my life. You all are always welcome in my house, and I really mean it. I'm just a call or an e-mail away.


With love and a big abrazo,

Elizabeth Adames




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