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By Dale Cockle




I remember when AFRS was at Albrook. The CG was moved out of his quarters overlooking the runway and AFRS moved in. I guess it was there until the very late '40s. I used to visit the studio. What a thrill to go into the control room too. When AFRS/AFRTS/SCN/CFN moved to Clayton, the building became the CGs quarters again.


The 6:33 Club was very popular -- a disk jockey song request program (like Wolfman on American Graffiti) except it was at 6:30 to 7:00 PM. The one o'Clock Jump by Harry James was its theme song. It probably was on a vinyl 12" V-Disk.

Talking about V-Disks. AFRS dumped hundreds of them at Diablo Dump after WWII. My brother and I got loads of them. What collectors items! My wife gave them away while I was in RVN.


Notice AFRS instead of AFRTS? Dates me? I remember the call-signs back then too: WVL & WVUB 790 and 1420 on your dial. Later, the call signs were changed to ACA and ACB-20 (Corozal & Ft Davis respectively).


Regards, Dale Cockle




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