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Larry Dove, Dave Cohen, Gary Parks

James Bradley, Steve Momot

Remote Broadcast Annual Iguana Bowl

Dec 28, 1968


Courtesy Gary Parks

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Bob Foster

Remote broadcast 70's


Courtesy Dave Hart

Dave with a KY camera transiting the canal in support of the Cayuga race

Courtesy Dave LaCroix

The only time our $250,000 live van ever was on a boat...we transited lake Gatun on a 1097th boat company landing craft. Dave  is on top of the van shooting b-roll.

Courtesy Dave LaCroix

SSG Larry Schneck

Sgt Greg Calhoun 

USAF Display Photo

Courtesy Gerry Fry

early 90's

cameraman  (??) at Kobbe beach filming a Bob Foster feature



Atlantic DCA Community Fair, Ft Davis March of 1987.




SSG Andy Winfelder is the host of the Afternoon show live from Fort Davis on SCN AM radio.




The other SCN members in the background are Van Engineer SSgt Brian Scheer

and Videographer SPC Willie Hearn.


DCA Fair at Jarman Field, Fort Clayton, April 1987


JO2 Barry Garman is interviewing Ben Davidson, Miller Light Spokesman

& former Oakland Raider, live from the fair on the 6pm Community Scene newscast.


SGT John McCormick interviewing the US Army Garrison Commander


during the DCA Fair live on the 6pm Community Scene Newscast, April 1987, at Jarman Field, Fort Clayton


DCA Community Fair, April 1987

Jarman Field, Ft Clayton

SPC Dave LaCroix

operating an overhead camera JVC KY-9 Tube Camera on top of the SCN Mobile Van

DCA Community Fair, April 1987

Jarman Field, Ft Clayton.

SCN Mobile Newset / Radio Set used for mobile broadcasts from 1987 to 1993.

The crew including SSG Josh Hart, SGT Marvin Yates, and SPC Dave Lacroix preparing for the 6pm Community Scene Newscast

DCA Community Fair, April 1987

Jarman Field, Ft Clayton.

SCN Mobile Van

With drop-ins on the SCN AM Radio Afternoon Show. SFC Ken Fries and JO1 Don Pace in front of the Van and hosts from the fair SPC Dave Lacroix above the van preparing the overhead camera for the Community Scene Newscast.

SSGT Greg Holmes

on assignment covering the 79th Army Band & USARSO Jumping Ambassadors 

He is joined in the photo with a member of the Uruguay Parachute Club Montevideo, Uruguay, August 1998.


SSGT Mike Ufferman shooting news footage of USARSO Jumping Ambassadors on an Air National Guard C-130 over the Guatemalan Air Force Base at San Jose, Guatemala, November 1988.


SSGT Mike Ufferman shooting news footage of USARSO Commander MG Fred Woerner qualifying for his Guatemalan Jump Wings


Matt Townsend


Brenda Flores



Courtesy Brenda Flores Kendrick


Brenda Flores Kendrick



Courtesy Brenda Flores Kendrick



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