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Arnie Huberman's slides

8 beautiful slides including SCN Staff members

2/68 to 4/69





Arnie & Phyllis Huberman

On Bluff overlooking Canal

Note on beard - photo was taken while medi-vaced to

Walter Reed Hospital


AF Sgt Gary Parks with Birdie NumNum

Taken at house the group lived at on Calle 51 in Panama City

Christmas 1968


The face on left (need a name) & Dave Cohen on right

Dave was SCN's Sportscaster

Arnie thinks the other might be Pete Franquet

Possibly Bill Knowles

Arnie Huberman

directing Happy Hoyer broadcast

(on Screen)




Birdie NumNum

Miraflores locks opening to allow ship through toward Gatun Lake


Ship in MiraFlores from Control room

Showing mules pulling as it heads toward the Pacific

Arnie's bittersweet departure on stretcher to Walter Reed Hospital for herniated disk

April 1969


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