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The Pacific Coast Artillery Corp and Pacific Coast Artillery News built the very first military broadcast stations in 1940. PCAN on the Pacific Coast of Panama and PCAC on the Atlantic Coast of Panama. They began adding music and entertainment to their programming in 1941. An innocent letter to NBC Blue Network set off a firestorm which later created the AFRS network in Sept 1943. Read the TRUE story about the Founders of PCAN and PCAC who were the originators of the famed SCN and AFRS (AFRTS, AFIS, AFN) networks. The story also includes the original newspapers articles, documents and photos from the founders which verify the details. Despite what you may read elsewhere due to efforts to revise history to punish the founders for setting off a firestorm of media & publicity, these are the TRUE stories of the Origins.

The subsequent histories of each era at CFN & SCN are also included by decade and will be added as completed.



Origins of PCAN & PCAC
AFRS 1940's
CFN 1950's
SCN 1960's
SCN 1970's
SCN 1980's
SCN 1990's
History of SCN
Final Closing of SCN





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