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When SCN began to broadcast in April 1941 under the name of PCAN. The station ID letters for the dual transmitting frequencies were assigned as WVL & WVUB. This new radio station in the Canal Zone preceded the development of the new AFRS network of broadcast stations by a year. After AFRS (Armed Forces Radio Service) was created, WVL & WVUB became one of the 7 new AFRS network of Stations. Under the PCD (Pan Canal Division) the Canal Zone AFRS broadcast station was located at Albrook AFB where it remained until 1948. It was then moved into SCN's permanent home in building 209 at Ft Clayton. The Station continued to use the AFRS identification until TV was introduced in the 1950's, at which time it added the name CFN to distinguish it from other AFRTS stations (Armed Forces Radio & Television Service). CFN was a precursor to SCN, the final name it was given in the mid 1960's.
The photo galleries are a rich historical record of how the radio station operated in the 1940's, the types of equipment and productions during those early years... and the dedication of the talented crews which made SCN what it was for everyone who lived and served in the Panama Canal Zone.

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