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SCN Antenna Crash


From Jerry:

It was a Saturday morning in August 1965.  I awaken and upon going downstairs am asked if I had been outside yet.  I said no and asked if there a reason to go out. The reply was simply yes, you'll see when you look around.

I did so, and there was the AM tower in the state you see in the photo.  The tower had come down during the overnight hours.  Since I was a short-timer (just counting the days until November), I have no idea if the cause was determined. A joke was that the folks at Garrison didn't like SCN taking over their parade field.

Since the tower erection had not been completed, this incident did not take the AM (790) operation off the air.

The person on the left in shorts is Gerry Fry. 

(website note: Gerry says it is not him... so we have enlarged the section of the same photo below to get a better look at the SCN'ers.)

Note also the lack of a shack at the base of the tower.

As to the antenna photo from Guntis, it must be the replacement tower. The height of the tower would lead me to believe it was geared for the FM side of the the operation. I have no idea when FM was added to the SCN operation.

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