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Do you miss being at SCN & sharing stories with your SCN family? This is an email chat group just for CFN or SCN veterans & Alumni.  We have been a happy online family for over 17 years. It is the next best thing to being back at SCN with all your friends again sharing stories. Anyone who was associated with SCN-CFN-AFRS-PCAC, etc., is welcome to join our group. Former crew, staff, vets, volunteers, guests, vendors & other associated persons who worked or volunteered or were otherwise associated are welcome to join. You do not have to have been a paid employee. We have a loose definition for anyone who was formerly associated with SCN and we have some non-SCN exceptions among our group who are part of our email chat family. 

All former group members are welcome to rejoin us at any time and will always be welcomed back again.

If I do not know you, please send an email to midge56aolcom to let me know who you are and how you are associated with SCN even if you were not employed there. Then click the join button above which will send me a request for your subscription. 

To protect the privacy of our members from spammers, I need to know who you are before I add you to our group... so it is best to send me an email to let me know your name and affiliation with SCN so I can add you without delay.

If your request to subscribe has not been added... that means I did not recognize your name. Please send me an email. This is only for protection of the group & not intended as a delay or denial.


This is a separate email chat group associated with this website since 1999. We have members who were at CFN-SCN in every era from the early 50's through the 90's. You are likely to have friends & former coworkers you knew in our group.

This website is not affiliated with the yahoo groups SCN list, Facebook or any other lists which are under separate management. However, we encourage our members to enjoy as many groups they so desire. All SCN'ers are welcome to join us.





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