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Dave La Croix's Photo Gallery



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1Sgm.jpg (57411 bytes)

Sergeant Major Jimmie Jeffries

circa 1987 at Dave LaCroix's house in Arraijan.

Jefferies organized a "village" relief effort for for a poor community about an hour north of Fort Clayton

After months of planning and the bringing of food and clothes to these people, SCN threw a party to thank the unit and their families who participated

Darryl Dalley back left, (unknown companion),  Motorola guy who locked in our live shots, Jim Kresge back right, and Dave LaCroix front right

1997 at the local VFW in Curundu

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LTC Honey

radio record library shot from 1986

1Scnlib.jpg (55217 bytes)

1Scntrio.jpg (40733 bytes)

Msg Larry Sawell on left, Ssg Bob Tucker? in trunk and  unknown Msg 

SCN picnic after village relief efforts circa 1987

Dave with a KY camera transiting the canal in support of the Cayuga race


1Davescn2.jpg (27511 bytes)

1Scnvan.jpg (26697 bytes)

The only time our $250,000 live van ever was on a boat...we transited lake Gatun on a 1097th boat company landing craft. Dave  is on top of the van shooting b-roll.
Dave LaCroix at the radio console in 1983, answering the question " can we take away your old radio board?" 1Davescn.jpg (34560 bytes)



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